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CEDARS network for life affiliates


CEDARS has developed a system of health/supportive services and a residential community to provide quality care to persons living in Monroeville and surrounding communities.

Affiliates include:

Cedars Charitable Foundation meets emerging needs by encouraging and increasing effective philanthropy focused on individuals receiving hospice and/or nursing services.

Cedars of Monroeville Senior Living offers Personal Care and Skilled Nursing services to seniors.

Cedars Home Health Services provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation therapies in the home or elsewhere.

Cedars Community Care Network offers an array of supportive services in the home or elsewhere.




The mission of CEDARS is to:

  • Provide exceptional health care services using a holistic, patient/family-centered, personalized approach.  We promote spiritual, physical, and psychosocial wholeness.
  • Support employees in their delivery of exceptional care.

We believe that working together, we can create a caring community that responds to those in needWe value and promote a practice setting that is built on seven priority points.  Each employee is responsible for adhering to the mission and priority points.

We are honest and open in our relationships and straightforward in our communications. We express our high standards of performance for ourselves and for others with clarity.


We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are accountable for using our time, talents, and resources effectively.


We are focused and decisive in achieving our objectives and helping others achieve theirs. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to meet challenges we encounter.


We work together to achieve company objectives. We do our share of the work on time and with superior quality. We share ideas and information; give honest feedback and accept constructive criticism. We confront difficulties directly and maintain positive working relationships.


We direct our efforts towards influencing the behavior of other people toward positive goals in a way that maintains integrity. We strive to foster self-esteem and integrity amongst all members.


We embrace and uphold our responsibilities with integrity and excellence. We are good stewards of all resources that have been entrusted to us.

We are dedicated to others and understand that both the success of CEDARS and our individual/personal success is based on our relationships and reputation. The association of the first six priority points governs our ability to build connection.


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Location CEDARS is based in Monroeville, PA.

4363 Northern Pike,
Monroeville, PA 15146

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